Triple Double Basketball Academy, Inc. offers all girls divisions for girls that aspire to learn the game of life through the game of basketball while having DEDE (Discipline, Exposure, Determination, and Experience) instilled in them through the TDBA, Inc. belief that exposure and experience in the correct situation is the best teacher in life.

The all girls divisions are offered from the Minny through the Frosh divisions. All that is required are a total of 24 girls to sign up for each division to have four teams with six participants on each team. This will allow the girls to play with and against each other the entire season.

In past season TDBA, Inc. has been fortunate enough to have three all girls teams in the middle school division and two teams in the Minny division. The girl's teams in the respective division played against each other as well as playing against some all boys teams during the season. During Championship Pizza Party Saturday or Sunday the girl's teams competed against each other during their trophy games.

TDBA, Inc. looks forward to continuing to grow our all girls division through the continued support of our outstanding families.