TDBA, Inc. will expose and allow youth to experience a proper exercise regimen. This process will provide a discipline for physical fitness at an early age that will benefit each child throughout their life. Over the last thirty years obesity rates have tripled in our country. Our children now face a shorter life span than their parents due to the current youth obesity epidemic. This is the first time in American history that statistics are showing that our future really may not be our future.

Having your child become a part of TDBA, Inc. will help decrease the alarming rate of obesity in our country. Basketball is the second most physical fit team sport after soccer. Your child does not have to be a diehard basketball fanatic to participate at TDBA, Inc. He or she can just be looking to obtain proper exercise. In order to compete in the professional and social arenas of our society, one has to be equipped with a sound mind and body. Let TDBA, Inc. help your child obtain a sound mind and body through exercise.