Youth that are in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade will play 5 vs 5 with and against each other on a regulation size court. The goals will be 10 feet high. Each team will have 8 to ten participants per team. Violations will be taught and enforced, fouls will be called, free throws will be shot, and players can foul out with a 5 foul maximum.

The Mid Division is the appropriate environment for players in Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade. Practices will be an hour long. It is the goal of TDBA, Inc. to have a small number of participants on each team which will allow the game of basketball to be taught in games and practices. In practices drills will be taught focusing on1 vs1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs4.  5 vs 5 scrimmaging will take place the last 10 minutes of each practice after a specific skill(s) has been taught that day. This will expose and allow youth to begin to understand how important competition is in practice and games